Os Gemeos in Boston

Categories: Exhibitions, Friends, Murals, Street, Writing

Sitting here so absolutely thrilled to be looking across Dewey Square at the newly finished Os Gemeos mural. I’m so happy that Boston now has such a world-class mural, and happy that I had anything to do with it, whether it was being up in the lifts with them helping to fill in the patterns and so on, or fifteen years ago when I first met Os Gemeos and I began writing articles about them and telling eveyone I could about the Brazilian scene. Huge credit goes to Pedro Alonzo, the ICA, Hargo, the various money behind this project, Nancy Brennan and the Greenway, and anyone else who could have been a stick in the mud, but wasn’t. Go Boston. I’m proud of you.

I’ll leave you with this thought: THAT WAS FUN!!! LET’S DO MORE!!!!

Here’s a bunch of flicks, most from my phone, some from friends, some grabbed off the net.