Manifest Justice

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I’ll have work in this enormous new show Manifest Justice in Los Angeles in May.
The piece I’m showing is called ‘Still There.’ After seeing examples of police violence again and again and again from across the United States, I couldn’t get the image of an American flag and a white flag together out of my head. It seems to run counter to patriotism to imagine the symbol of surrender having anything to do with a powerful nation in frequent military conflicts, yet surrender – peaceful, humane surrender, with the promise of humane treatment – is a tenet of justice we hope and aspire to as a nation. When that tenet goes wrong, whether by military or law enforcement, it strikes at the core of who we are as a nation.


Just look at this list of participating artists…
Aaron Hughes Aaron Sandnes Ace Bourne Albert Roman Amina Cruz Amy Elkins Andrea Bowers Annelia Hillman Anthony Young Augustino Kofi Bask Behn Samareh Ben Eine Bill Dunlap Brandan “bmike” Odums Calderon Caleb Neelon Camilo Cruz Casey Ryder Catherine Tafur Cathie Bleck Center for the Study of Political Graphics Charlie Becker Chase Erachi Chip Thomas Chris Usher Chris Yormick Chucha Marquez Cody Hudson Cryptik Crystal Clarity CultureStrike Damon Davis Damon Locks Daniel Lee Postaer Dave Kinsey DeeDee Cheriel Delfin Finley Diederick Kraaijeveld DJ Agana Elisabeth Fried Emory Douglas Eriberto Oriol Eric Fischl Eric Haze Eric Stefanski Erin McKeown Ernesto Yerena Estevan Oriol Ezequiel Penya Favianna Rodriguez Felix Jackson Jr. FLUXX Foremost Gabriel Garcia Roman Geoff McFetridge Glenn Kaino Guillermo Bert Hank Willis Thomas Hayuk Isaias Crow itsaliving Jacori Perry (Ace Bourne) James Jean Jermaine Rogers Jerome Lagarrigue Jesse Hazelip Jet Martinez Jim Darling Joel Daniel Phillips Jon Wippich Joseph Delappe Joseph Tipay Joshua Krause Jovi Schnell Joy Mckinney Joya Roy Justin Kemerling Kadir Nelson Kameelah Rasheed Karen Wippich Karmimadeebora McMillan Keena Tarrant Keisha Mrotek Keith Wagner Kiino Villand Kimou “Grotesk? Meyer Kohshin Finley Kyp Malone Larissa Marantz Larissa Marantz Las Fotos Project Leon Reid IV Lexx Valdez Lmnopi Logan Hicks Lyle Ashton Harris Maggie Wauklyn Marco Zamora Maria Max Maya Mear One Melissa Vandenberg Michael “WISE” Delahaut Michael Cummings Michael Murphy Mike Giant Miss Chief Molly Mendoza Monroe Gallery Mr. Pose Munk One Nancy Chunn Nery Gabriel Lemus Nina Chanel Nina Chanel Abney Nisha Sembi Pat Perry Patricia Pratt Patrick Martinez Ralph Ventura Rebekah Tarin Rippon Robbie Conal Robert Mickelsen Robert Russell Ryan Bubnis Saber Sage Vaughn Samantha Wall Sandow Birk Sandy Rodriguez Scotty Albrecht Shannon Crawford Sofia Enriquez Steve Alfaro Steve Lambert Stormie Mills Susan Crile Susan Crile Swoon Tatyana Fazlalizadeh Tes One Todd Gray Venice Arts

New shows for January 2015

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I have single works in shows in London and New York in January 2015.

The first is at London’s Somerset House and is called Mapping the City, curated by A(by)P. Amazing lineup, thrilled to be a part of it.
A preview at Brooklyn Street Art.

Pickerville lr
Pickerville, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 44″x44″, 2014.

The second is a one-night auction event at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery, a project by Converse to benefit the Andy Warhol Foundation’s charitable projects. You can view the other works in the show and bid on all of them online via Paddle8 here.


1967, acrylic, enamel, and resin on panel, 36″x36″, 2015

Recent paintings, December 2014

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Morse Code Alphabet, 24″ x 72″ acrylic on panels

Curl, 24″ x 30″acrylic on panel

Nautical Flag Alphabet, 36″ x 48″ acrylic and resin on panel

Me and Kenji at Illuminus Boston

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This kind of came out of left field to me. Converse asked me and my longtime buddy Kenji Nakayama to work with Jeff Grantz and Christie Digital to create a projection-mapped (I had to look up what that meant) animation for the Illuminus Festival on October 25, 2014 in Boston’s South End. I am basically a very low tech person – it’s all I can do to update my dang web site, let alone code anything – but I do love to work with people who look at computers the way I look at walls and paint. The results were projected on this empty shell of a building on Harrison Ave that everyone in town knows.

Here’s my animation and then Kenji’s… these are just my handheld iphone vids, nothing pro in the least for now, but hopefully you get the idea. It was really cool. My video has some priceless townie play by play in the background.

The future home of where this used to be… Cambridge, MA

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The EMF Building is a music jam space on Brookline Street in Cambridge, right down from the Middle East. I grew up down the street from it when it was vacant for years, and since then, the neighborhood has changed quite a lot as it’s become a big money tech and science hub of the world. This was a no-money rooftop ladder job that’s bigger than it looks and my legs feel it. I can’t imagine taking this on without a personal connection to the place, but the home town thing is very real to me. This is called “The future home of where this used to be.”




Big new mural, Denholm Building, downtown Worcester, MA.

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At 44 feet tall and 120 feet long, this mural is probably my biggest one yet, and all the more special to me in that I got to do it in my home state of Massachusetts. It’s called “The Block Player” and inspired by watching my toddler daughter build and play. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially Erin and the PAWG, the Worcester Rotary Club, Converse, my magnificent assistant and buddy Jimbo, and many more.

Denholm Final lr

Denholm Closeup Right lr

Denholm closeup middle lr

Denholm Closeup Left lr

Denholm kids lr

Converse produced a 2-minute video of the process, too.