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Our Ed Emberley retrospective book is here!

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Now in from AMMO Books: me and Todd Oldham’s 288-page retrospective on Ed Emberley! This one immediately takes a special place in my Favorite-Books-I’ve-Ever-Written list. You can read and see more here! Stay tuned, there will be more Ed news:)

Me and Kenji at Illuminus Boston

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This kind of came out of left field to me. Converse asked me and my longtime buddy Kenji Nakayama to work with Jeff Grantz and Christie Digital to create a projection-mapped (I had to look up what that meant) animation for the Illuminus Festival on … Read More

Tobin School, Boston, with Katie Yamasaki

Categories: Friends, Murals, Street

For the past five of so years, I’ve spent a couple of weekend days a year as part of a service project landscaping and generally keeping up the exterior of the Tobin Elementary School on Boston’s Mission Hill. It’s in a beautiful location, just across … Read More

Blade: King of Graffiti

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I had the honor and pleasure to write the foreword to Blade’s long-awaited retrospective book. Blade did graffiti that looked fun, and when I saw his work in Subway Art years ago, I wanted in, too.

One for homie Finok…

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Haven’t painted on canvas in a long time, but it’s waaaaay cheaper to send a rolled canvas overseas than a flat panel, so when it’s trade time with a friend in Brazil….

Revok: Made in Detroit

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Beautiful 164-page new book/catalog of Revok’s work with salvaged pieces of Detroit. He is an artist I’ve long admired, and it was a pleasure for me to write the essay for this book. There were not a lot of copies of this printed, and every … Read More